KALIMERA ESTUDIO is a project about beginnings.
Kalimera means “good morning” in Greek and it is in Greece where all began. There, where there is a winelike sea and sunlight is more intense.
Inspired by this little mediterranean corner, this project wants to recover its cultural legacy and its humanistic values that are needed to understand our present and are useful for life.


KALIMERA ESTUDIO brings a new and richer approach to the Spanish and European cultural scene. Our stand is to offer a comprehensive approach linking Arts, Culture and Creative Industries throughout the connection among disciplines, knowledges, spaces and people.
KALIMERA ESTUDIO curates innovative, participative and transformative projects, for cultural institutions, companies and also for curious audiences.
KALIMERA ESTUDIO’s value is the ability to make connections, to provide a new approach and the ability to create unique experiences.
Our motivation is that society understand Culture as a transformative good that can improve our lives.

KALIMERA ESTUDIO are Maura Sánchez Escudero and Gonzalo Pascual Mayandía, cultural creatives with strong experience in cultural project’s design, coordination and implementation in different fields, for both public and private sector.


Culture and Creativity are the basis of our projects. CURATING: we ideate and design cultural projects for institutions and companies.  CONSULTING: we help organizations and companies to develop creative strategies and programmes. PRODUCTION: we plan, coordinate and implement cultural projects. Currently we work through three lines:

Humanistic Nature

Vegetal kingdom is closely linked to human existence and it is not possible to understand human history disregarding the main role their vegetal inhabitants have played in it. Our proposals show how Nature is a field of unique richness possible to be explored and discovered through many ways. The goals of our proposals are generating bigger knowledge of natural heritage, giving it value and stressing the necessity of preserving and respecting it.

Experiential and creative tourism

Real experiences for real travellers who want to walk along the world following the steps of fiction characters or authors, and real experiences for passive travellers who want to walk along the world through imagination.

Enogastronomy and culture

Gastronomy is culture and means encounter, hospitality, discovery, celebration and enjoyment. Food and drink are present in the most important occasions in our lives: we eat and drink to celebrate and to make peace, to welcome and to say goodbye, to seduce and to run into ourselves. We connect gastronomy with other disciplines to enjoy sensorial experiences that join emotion, knowledge and pleasure.



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